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Treasure Your Memories
You've spent months, perhaps an entire year planning your Wedding day. Every detail has to be perfect... from your gown to your flowers...from the music you've chosen to your cake. In the span of one 8- or 10-hour day, the culmination of all your planning will leave you in a dream-state of joy, excitement and love.

Why Video?
Many brides I speak with say, "I've hired a photographer, why do I need video, too?" I answer that by asking questions of my own. How precious are the hesitant steps of your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl down the aisle? How important are your vows of love and commitment to each other at the altar? Video sings, dances, laughs, and sometimes even cries with joy.

There are only 2 things to remember your Special Day with: your photos and your video. Without both, you only have half the memories you could have. While your flowers, food, cake, venue, linens, DJ, etc. are all expenses of the day, video and photo are investments for the future. This is exactly why I shoot wedding video and why I am so passionate about it!


MJM Video Productions
will capture all those emotions, and so much more, with a professionally shot and edited video. Preserved on DVD, your wedding video will become a permanent and treasured keepsake for you to re-live all the wonderful moments of your Wedding Day.

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